Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.
REDD-plus and Forest-DRR Research and Development Center.

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Organization / Members

REDD Research and Development Center

The REDD Research and Development Center is composed of the secretariat and two units working on the research and development and raising public awareness and dissemination of REDD-plus. In order to make steady promotion of REDD-plus, the project is implemented with the advice from the Steering Committee.

Operational Structure

Director and Chiefs
Roles Name
Director Yasumasa Hirata
Chief of Methodology R&D Tamotsu Sato
Chief of Awareness-raising and disseminating Iwao Noda
Chief of Secretariat Yasuko Inoue

Steering Committee

For Steady implementation of our project, we have set up a steering committee to receive advice from related experts. The committee members in 2018 are as follows:

Steering Committee Members Affiliation
Masahiro Amano Waseda University
Aya Uraguchi Conservation International Japan
Toshinori Okuda Hiroshima University
Yukari Takamura University of Tokyo
Satoshi Tsuyuki University of Tokyo
Takahiro Morita Japan International Cooperation Agency
Shinsuke Yazaki Kanematsu Corporation