Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.
REDD Research and Development Center.

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Monitoring Forest Carbon Stocks

Information Collection and Analysis/Research and Development from a Multidisciplinary Perspective

The REDD Research and Development Center develops the measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) system for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions from forests and technologies to establish reference levels of emissions. The Center also researches effective policies and measures to reduce deforestation and forest degradation by using socio-economic approach to examine the drivers and factors behind changes in land use. Based on these findings, the Center will propose policy and measures to halt deforestation and forest degradation, and contribute to developing international framework for REDD+.

Forest Monitoring Using Satellite Imagery

Forest observation technique using remote sensing is important for monitoring forest cover change and for establishing reference levels based on historical data in developing countries. The Center develops methodologies to assess forest cover change and establish reference level which is versatile and adaptable to conditions of various regions by combining remote sensing and ground-based measurement.

Assessing Carbon Stocks through Ground-Based Inventory

Measuring carbon stocks per unit area of dominant forest types is needed to estimate emissions and removals from forests. Using ground-based measurement technologies combining with remote sensing data, the Center devises methods for estimating the ecosystem carbon stock for the most dominant vegetation and changes in the carbon stock in deforestation, forest degradation, and regrowth.