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REDD-plus and Forest-DRR Research and Development Center.

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Launch of New Organization

The Launch of the REDD-plus and Forest-based Disaster Risk Reduction (F-DRR) Research and Development Center (formerly the REDD Research and Development Center)


FFPRI launched the REDD-plus and F-DRR Research and Development Center (hereinafter, “the Center”) on September 1, 2020 to serve as a technical information hub for REDD-plus and F-DRR.

1. Background

In 2010, FFPRI established the REDD Research and Development Center and has been working on REDD-plus by disseminating information about world trends, developing technical methods, and supporting institutional development for developing countries, among others.

The number of extreme-weather events is increasing all over the world. The rains have been more frequent and torrential, alongside giant typhoons that have triggered large-scale slope disasters and storm surges. There is a need to develop measures to mitigate the damage they cause.

Japan, one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, has been developing and enhancing forest-based disaster reduction technologies to increase their resilience and, in time, find ways to apply them seamlessly, in response to the needs of developing countries.

The Center will renew its name and increase its functions to include dealing with climate change adaptation through research and development on F-DRR, in addition to mitigation measures such as REDD-plus. Please visit our website:

2. Functions
  1. Collect new information, improve scientific evaluation methods, and support the implementation mechanisms developments for REDD-plus
  2. Analyze issues and develop technologies for forest-based disaster risk reductions and enhance disaster prevention functions in developing countries
  3. Disseminate information about REDD-plus and F-DRR
3. Contact Information

The Secretariat
REDD-plus and F-DRR Research and Development Center, FFPRI Japan

Tel: +81-29-829-8365
FAX: +81-29-829-8366